The wild animals on this planet are being threatened by the changes to the environment and by our inability to reduce our consumption of the world’s ecosystems and resources.

In a recent post, I wrote about ‘Earth Portals’. In that post, I spoke of portals on the Earth that lead us to other dimensions. To that end, animals have the ability to travel through portals to other dimensions. Why can they do this? Because there is a part of each animal that is ‘higher dimensional’, otherworldy if you will.

So why would they enter the portals and why would they want to leave this beautiful Earth? Because the places they live are becoming uninhabitable. So, they will do what they instinctively need to do to survive.

I find it interesting that we have very large mythological stories of flooding and a symbol of safety such as an ark (as in Noah’s ark) that carries animals to safety until the tempest (waters) going on around the earth subsides. Also, that a human person is assisting the animals to safety. I am wondering if this gives you pause to wonder what role humans play in regard to the caring of animals?

On a daily survival level, wild animals have no need of human interaction for their survival and actually bring to the planet a sense of beingness on their own that humans have a hard time finding within themselves.

But what if humans are indeed important in that they must live on the Earth with integrity and in unity with animals and are responsible on a higher level to ensure their survival?

In our quest to continue not only to live on our beautiful planet but to thrive in big Love and unity with all living things, we need to understand the mechanisms within the natural world that are happening that will create a better future for all. Knowing the animals can leave until things get better can give us a sense of hope and comfort, while working towards a future they can return to.

Given the information above, do you feel a sense of purpose around helping animals? What do you think this can look like for you?