26 10, 2019


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When we access these other worlds, we can feel liberated from the mundane. The posted photo was taken from within one of these special places. It is a Live Oak grove up in the Sierra foothills in California. It is a travel portal for accessing other parts of the Earth. We can access their magical [...]

26 10, 2019


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The wild animals on this planet are being threatened by the changes to the environment and by our inability to reduce our consumption of the world’s ecosystems and resources. In a recent post, I wrote about ‘Earth Portals’. In that post, I spoke of portals on the Earth that lead us to other dimensions. To [...]

13 07, 2019


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Just like the practice of Dowsing, which is tuning into the Earth’s energy field to understand where water is, or where energy lines are, there is also a field of information that connects us to the energy fields of people and what is going on with their lives. Here is the most important thing to [...]

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