Mystical Mount Shasta, California

About David ~ A Personal Story

When David was very young, he lived next to some woods in a semi-rural area in Pennsylvania.  In the summertime, he would walk down the dirt path, barefoot into the woods, sit down next to the creek, and he would immediately feel more peace and solitude, away from the troubled human arena that was his home. There was one spot near the creek that felt particularly comforting. He didn’t know why, but he liked to spend time there. He would sit on the large, smooth, round fallen log and daydream.

A Sacred Connection

Years later as an adult on a spiritual path, he would imagine himself sitting on that log. It was there, in his mind’s eye, that he began an intuitive practice of ‘seeing’ and working with active imagination to gain clarity about his life….And then, almost 30 years after he had last visited his special nature spot in the woods, he returned one day and knocked on the door of his childhood house, and asked the current owners if he could walk down into the woods. They graciously said ‘yes’.

Awakening to Spiritual Consciousness

So, he walked down the dirt path once more; and even though he could no longer hear the familiar cocking of the wild pheasants (for they had left long ago from human encroachment), everything there felt the same. The little stream still had a beautiful sound gently falling over the grey slate rocks. The clay mud still looked dark, rich and moist, and the water weeds were still straight and tall. The maple and beech trees were still full of splendor and majesty, letting in select streams of light onto the forest floor. His log had since disintegrated back into the earth, but there was something he realized that day; as he sat there in meditation tuning into every sense in his body, he realized that just above where the log used to be, on the side of the hill, was a gateway; a doorway to other worlds… is then he realized why the place felt so special; he felt a presence there; it felt otherworldly and gentle; he didn’t know who they were, but he could tell they cared about him. It was at that moment he realized they were always there, looking after him in his youth, when he felt lost in a world of trauma and despair. They were part of his tribe or family and brought him into a sense of universal connection he had never felt before. What a blessing; what a comfort to know after all this time the world was not just a dark, difficult place; it is filled with more mystery, light and beauty than we ever seem to have time for. Yet time is what we must take to access what we need, so we can see what is real. First, we must have the courage to access our intuitive gifts, because we are all intuitive. Then, we must have the courage to access the world around us that is filled with beauty and magic. THIS IS WHAT LIFE IS FOR.

David’s Continuing Journey

Once we understand what is possible, we begin to anticipate the magic and mystery that awaits us. Through ritual and ceremony, meditation and dream work, we begin to get a glimpse of what is unfolding. This unfolding of our new life can feel like a spiral of experience and energy that is taking us outward to our true life and purpose. This has been so for David. Within the last decade, he began to connect spiritually with guides that were revealing his purpose to him. This spiritual manifestation began to become a physical reality in the form of being shown places on the earth to manifest earth healing. This sixth sense pointed him to places and sacred sites he had never heard of, where he would volunteer and show up to perform specific ceremonies at specific earth locations on specific days of astrological importance (this enhances the efficiency of the ceremony). All of this, to bring about healing for lost spiritual communities and raising the earth’s vibration for the benefit of all humanity. Thus, he has carried out these spiritual and ceremonial intentions at sites such as Saint Brigid’s Fire Temple and Brigid’s Well Kildare, Hill of Tara, NewGrange and Knowth Megalithic Tombs, Loughcrew, Glendalough, the hill of Uisneach, a Shannon River ancient mythological burial site,  Clonmacnoise Monastery, the Rock of Cashel, Queen Scotia’s Grave Site, the Caves of Kesh, Brownsville and Poulnabrone Dolmens, and the Beltany Stone Circle in Ireland among many other sites; the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, the site of the 3,000 year old Chalk Horse in Uffington and the Avebury Circle in England, as well as the isles of Mull and Iona, Rosslyn Chapel and lesser known sites in Scotland. He has visited several sacred sites in the US including unknown sites in the Bay Area, CA, to the Cascade Mountain Range in Washington and Oregon and Mount Shasta in California, to sacred mounds in Oklahoma and Arkansas, the Heavener Runestone site in Oklahoma and the Roswell crash site in New Mexico, as well as several ancient indigenous sites in Arizona. As we commit to the path that is unfolding before us, we can choose to trust that the path that is revealing itself as the best path for us.


So, the development of our intuition and our trust in those who are guiding us in the other realm can take our life to a new level; to take it off the charts! We are spiritual beings in a human body and it is our mission to understand the truth of our lives so we can create change; change is so needed because there are those truly selfish entities; corporations, powerful hidden structures and individuals that want us to believe that everything is mundane and we need safety and security in the commercial sense, to literally buy into the program. No more, please. No more. It is time to take back our lives, to find the portals that will heal us and have the courage to enter them with an open heart, never looking back. That is what Ancient Circle is all about!!

You Can Find True Freedom and David Can Support You on This Path

The first step is by simply honoring who you are and celebrating your gifts you bring to the world through an ancient indigenous and intuitive understanding. This wisdom you carry is inherent in all people. It is the ability to see below the surface of things to find what incredible and unique human potential lies within us all.

This ancient indigenous framework is quite universal in nature and invokes a common theme between all people. After all, many of us hold these codes of ancient remembrance coming via multiple life and timelines. Whether we know it or not, we all have a deep connection to our beloved Earth.

We can all unite as people of the Earth plane that honors the original intention of humankind of living in peace and harmony with all people and all living creatures; and expressing gratitude for the Earth and the abundance she provides.

In keeping with this vision, David can inspire you to live with joy and integrity and help you to rise up in your own sovereignty and truth to embrace the incredible changes that are happening in this New Age of Ascension. We ask you to please take part in the spiritual liberation movement to heal humanity and the planet now!

These processes will also help you to recognize the spirits of the Earth are also rising! By connecting with these spirits, you can co-create nothing less than a new world order on Earth.

The world is now moving towards a future never before realized in history. David wants to bear witness to the coming of the new consciousness by honoring it in you and in others.

More About David

David Winters grew up in the hill country south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US in the 1960s and 70s. As an empath, he was stigmatized for his sensitivity in an insensitive world. This brought anxiety and confusion around who he was and what gifts he carried. He studied science and microbiology for many years to understand what was beneath the surface of life. This can be seen as one path to understand truth against the falsehoods of world commercial systems (a Druid mission if ever there was one!) In the 80’s, he received a Masters degree (M.S.)  in Microbiology from North Carolina State University and a Ph.D. in Food Microbiology from Cornell University.

In the late 90s, he began to question his continued commitment to study science and wondered if there was a truer path ahead. He began to wake up to the hidden world, not of microbes, but of life beyond the veil! In other words, he had a pre-middle-life awakening. Eventually, by this last decade, he realized his connection to his Druidic past. He eventually found his connection to the ancient people of Ireland and Scotland. This included the ancient mythological Tuatha de Danann (tribe of the goddess Dana) and spiritual and nondual teachings of the Celtic Goddess and Saint Brigid. He has since visited many unknown worlds and sites in America and has a deep understanding of how the mystical world is connected, bridging mystical sites in Europe and America with healing potential and liberation from false realities. Once he experienced this ancient reality, he knew that his calling was to help others ‘find their home’ in the world and to be free of influences that keep us from our own enlightenment.