~The Mystical Isles of Scotland Tour~

September 10-18, 2024

The Mystical Isles of Scotland Tour

September 10-18, 2024

This tour was born out of a sense that we have entered a new age on the Earth. In fact, we are entering an era that is the best time to be alive ever in recorded history! It was a channeled message that David received this past spring and confirmed by so many other intuitive people, that we are no longer dogged by the darkness. Instead, the light has prevailed on the Earth. Therefore, in keeping with the times, this tour is about celebrating that victory!

So, beginning our tour, we will be connecting with the magical beings of Scotland and celebrating all of our newfound freedom. That includes contacting the Unicorns, Mermaids, Selkies and the Elementals (Fairies, Elves, Gnomes, etc.) that live on this rugged and beautiful landscape. David is a celebrated guardian and tribe member of these spirits and was called to bring a group of like-minded spiritual seekers and travelers to commune with these mystical spirits and celebrate their newfound freedom on the Earth. This will be a very magical and healing moment for us all!

We will travel to the Isles of Iona and Skye, the home to all these magical spirits. Next, we will be visiting some other magical sites in Scotland, including Loch Ness and Rosslyn Chapel, of Da Vinci Code fame. Each site contains a unique spiritual and energetic imprint. These signature patterns align ancient connections with personal memories that lead to unexpected insights and breakthroughs.

As we approach each site, an organic process unfolds. Thus, we show up with heartfelt offerings and an attitude of honoring those who came before us. With this in mind, we ‘tune in’ to the land using sound, meditation or drumming techniques. This experiential approach allows each person to have direct ‘heart-centered’ contact with each site. Consequently, we share what we are feeling or observing, and finish our work with a sacred ceremony. This completes our intention for the greatest good for ourselves, the Earth, and for all of humanity. 

These experiences lead to:

– Alchemize and release any shame, trauma or violence from the past.

Nurture relationships with each other and our guides from beyond the veil

– Heal the divine feminine that is calling to us from the land and from within our own hearts

– Invite the healthy sacred masculine into our circle to bring balance, unity and peace

It is time to step up for your own life and for the planet.  Please read on to apply to the tour, and we hope you consider joining us for this once in a lifetime experience.

St. Columba Bay, Isle of Iona

The Mystical Isles of Scotland Tour 2024 ~ Itinerary

The sites are chosen by the intuitive guidance that David receives before the start of the tour. The spirit realm guides him to what work is needed for the benefit of all participants and the Earth as a whole. This year’s tour is designed to create a sense of awe and wonder to your spiritual and physical senses. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Visiting the Island of Iona to Celebrate the return of mystical spirits.
  2. A Ceremony at the Well of Eternal Youth on the Isle of Iona
  3. A Ceremony of the Unicorns at the Iona south beach most noted for St. Columba’s landing in the 6th Century
  4. A boat ride to sacred Staffa Island and Fingal’s Cave, the site of selkie spirits and of Mendelssohn’s composing the Hebrides Overture
  5. Visiting the Island of Skye to Celebrate the return of mystical spirits.
  6. A ceremony to celebrate the Fairy spirits at Fairy Glen on the Isle of Skye
  7. A ceremony to celebrate the return of the fairies to the Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye
  8. Visiting and exploring the energies underlying the Loch Ness Monster (Nessie, a sea dragon).
  9. Celebrating our Tour- An evening in Edinburgh, plus a visit to nearby Rosslyn Chapel!

And there will be more sites and ceremonies added as David is guided to share them…plus spiritual teachings, time for reflection…and fun! 

What The Tour Includes

Being led and guided by David Winters, sacred sites guide, spiritual teacher, ceremonialist and author.

Double room lodging in comfortable, clean accommodations, depending on location and proximity to sites.

Transportation from Edinburgh airport at the start of the tour and throughout the tour, and transportation to drop you back off to Edinburgh.(David will be responsible for driving the rental van).

3 Lunches and 1 Dinner

Fares for any ferries we take to get to the Isles

Presentations, Ceremonies, Shamanic Drumming Sessions or Guided Journey Sessions so you can access directly what you are experiencing.

We will also be studying the cosmic and earthly aspects of Stone Circles based on David’s new book, “Where Heaven and Earth Meet”. These aspects form a complete picture of what we need in this lifetime to reach new heights, to evolve towards a destiny that we want for ourselves. David calls it ‘coming home to ourselves”.

A half day boat ride and exploration of Staffa Island from the Isle of Iona. Staffa Island is famous for Fingal’s Cave, the place where Felix Mendolssohn famously wrote his “Overture” musical masterpiece. We will also explore the Selkie spirits that reside on the island. Selkies are seal spirits that embody human consciousness.

What the Tour Doesn’t Include

Airfare and any transportation and lodging before the tour is not included.



The Mystical Isles of Scotland Tour 2024~Cost and Logistics

The Tour Cost is $3333 US dollars or equivalent currency.

TOUR PRICE PROMOTION – Anyone coming as a couple (or with a friend), each of you will receive a discount of $333.00 off the tour price.

Deposit- There is a non-refundable deposit of USD $555.00 due upon acceptance of your application.

Final Payment: The balance is due in full by August 10, 2024. Note: If you cannot make a final payment by this date, David can work out a payment plan that works for you. Please email David at to request a payment plan. 

Payment Options: Payments can be made via check to be sent upon approval of your application. Please make check payable to David Winters. Mailing address for check will be provided upon acceptance to the tour. If you cannot send a check, and especially for international applicants not based in the US, you can make the deposit via Paypal (send to PayPal account and you can pay using the Friends and Family feature which has no fees if you pay directly from your bank account).

Cancellation Policy– We have added a more generous cancellation policy: You can cancel your trip up to 7 days prior to departure (by September 3rd, 2024) and receive a 100% refund of amount paid, not including the initial $500.00 deposit. No refunds are given for cancellation requests after September 3rd.

Travel Documents– A Valid and Current Passport.

Arrival Airport– Edinburgh, Scotland. Please plan to be in Edinburgh before 12 noon on the first day of the tour. Airport pickup will be available at a designated time and meeting spot on that day.

Luggage– Please pack thoughtfully for the weather conditions, travel light, and I suggest one medium-sized suitcase with wheels and one small carry-on, as we may have limited space for luggage in the cars.

What to Bring– Weather in Scotland is unpredictable and your selection of clothing should be based on the level of comfort you desire and in the event of cold, rainy and stormy weather. Thus, a good rain jacket and sweaters for layering is advisable. Lightweight water-resistant hiking boots with ankle support are recommended, although running shoes may work best on dry days when hiking is limited.

Fitness Level: Please note this tour requires agile walking. Please be realistic of your physical abilities and do not apply to this tour if your level of fitness is not up to long walks up steep hillsides and along rocky or slippery terrain.

Tour Group Size: We are holding our group to a maximum of 7 persons including David the guide. We will form a waiting list and availability for the next Sacred Earth Tour.

Traveler’s Insurance- We strongly advise that you purchase travel insurance to protect yourself from loss of luggage, accident and trip cancellation.

How To Apply to Tour

To apply to the Tour, click the following link:; you will be taken to a new page- go ahead and fill out the online form. This information will be kept confidential by David and will help him get to know you so that he can offer any assistance or guidance you may want during the tour. It will also be used to select participants if there are more applicants than spaces on the tour. So please be thoughtful and complete in your answers! After he receives your application, he will inform you of your acceptance on the trip as soon as possible. Note: David will not accept a deposit from your account until you are accepted on the trip. Once you are accepted, you will pay a deposit and submit a signed copy of the terms of agreement to hold your space on the tour.

ANY QUESTIONS?? Email David at

Testimonial from Our Latest Sacred Tour to Mystical Isles in Scotland, September 2022

“In September 2022, I traveled to Edinburgh and the beautiful Hebrides Islands in Scotland with David Winters. It was a life-changing experience to a magical place with an incredible guide. David intuitively received information from spirit that gave us a blueprint for healing the lands and ancestors as well as ourselves. We traveled to incredibly beautiful and powerful places for ceremony and healing. The effect of these powerful energies was profound. David is very knowledgeable, patient and kind as well as powerful, intuitive and deeply connected to spirit. He was also very flexible and open to the input of everyone in the group. I highly recommend David as a great guide to sacred sites. He is an amazing light worker, ceremonialist and healer!”

Lyn McGuffy, South Carolina

What People are Saying About The Spirit of the Unicorn Mystery School Tours


I was fortunate and blessed to be part of the Sacred Earth Tour of Ireland 2018 during the autumn equinox. This amazing tour allowed us to raise our vibrations and consciousness with special ceremonies, with our hearts open, to help Mother Earth and ourselves. This all took place in the most sacred sites and I got to see the majestic and beautiful isle of Ireland. We stayed at fabulous places and got to mingle with the wonderful folks of Ireland. This undoubtedly was one of the best journeys of my life and I wholeheartedly recommend this tour to anyone that wants a life-changing experience. It will change your life forever. I know that it did for me.

Blessings     Annie Dalzell from Oregon

I attended the Sacred Sites tour in Ireland in 2019 and was so deeply moved by the experience. It brought me so much closer to the land than I ever expected. The sites chosen by David to visit and honor as ritual space were beautiful, remote locations with least imprint and so incredibly imbued with energy. I felt completely held and supported during this experience, with David and Angela both sharing immense knowledge and history to acclimate me during my visit. It was very apparent my level of experience and care was their priority while on the tour. This is a heart-based journey with so many unexpected gifts that present themselves; it kept me grounded in a place of service to the earth and to the inhabitants in such a beautiful way.
A deep heartfelt thank you to both David and Angela – I would have never been able to access the depths of the land without you.
Sherrie Smith- Ontario, Canada