When we access these other worlds, we can feel liberated from the mundane. The posted photo was taken from within one of these special places. It is a Live Oak grove up in the Sierra foothills in California. It is a travel portal for accessing other parts of the Earth. We can access their magical quality with our intuitive self.

When I was very young, I lived next to some woods in a semi-rural area in Pennsylvania. I used to go into the woods to escape the human world I was living in. In the summertime, I would walk down the dirt path, barefoot into the woods, sit down next to the creek, and I would immediately feel more peace and solitude, after spending way too much time in troubled human arenas that I inhabited. There was one spot near the creek that felt particularly comforting. I didn’t know why, but I liked to spend time there. I would sit on the large, smooth, round fallen log and daydream. It was peaceful and idyllic. The shade kept me cool, but streams of sunlight would still enter in and illuminate the plants and the ground near me. The woods consisted of large, graceful, silvery beech trees and hefty maple trees. They all seemed very majestic standing there, towering over me.

Years later as an adult on a spiritual path, I would imagine myself on that log and it is there I began my intuitive world of ‘seeing’ and working with active imagination to gain clarity about my life….And then, even later, almost 30 years after we had left that home and my special nature spot behind, I returned one day and asked the current owners if I could walk down into the woods. They said it would be fine. The wife said they never went down there and always kept their children away. I remember feeling sad they didn’t understand the magic of that place, but instead were fearful!

So, I walked down the dirt path once more; and even though I could no longer hear the familiar cocking of the wild pheasants (for they had left long ago from human encroachment), everything there felt the same. The little stream still had a beautiful sound gently falling over the grey slate-like rocks. The clay mud, the earth, looked dark and rich and moist and smelled beautiful. The water weeds were still straight and tall; my log had since disintegrated back into the earth, but there was something I realized that day; as I sat there in meditation tuning into every sense in my body, I realized that just above where the log used to be, on the side of the hill, was a gateway; a doorway to other worlds…..it is then that I realized that is why the place felt so special; I felt a presence there; otherworldly spirits; gentle spirits; and I realized they were there looking after me in my lost world of trauma and despair. What a blessing; what a comfort to know after all this time the world was not just a dark, difficult place; it is filled with more light and beauty than we ever seem to have time for. Yet time is what we must take to access what we need so we can see what is real. First, we must have courage to access our intuitive gifts, because we are all intuitive. Then, we must have courage to access the world around us, that is filled with beauty and magic. THIS IS WHAT LIFE IS FOR. This is what we must break through to commit to change; to take our life to a new level; to take it off the charts! We are spiritual beings in a human body and it is our mission to understand the truth of our lives so we can create change; change is so needed because there are those truly selfish entities, corporations, powerful hidden structures and individuals that want us to believe that everything is mundane and we need safety and security in the commercial sense, to literally buy into the program. No more, please. No more. It is time to take back our lives, find the portals that will heal us and enter them with an open heart, never looking back.